Inquiry Tasks on Legends of Learning

This week’s assignment for Inquiry was on Legends of Learning.  The first task was about caring for and meeting the needs of different living beings (plant, herbivorous animal and carnivorous animal), providing them with the energy source corresponding to each species.  I learnt that you can’t survive with no food forever.  The second task was about how the amount of matter in a substance is conserved when it changes form, even when it appears to vanish.  I learnt that you always have to bring food with you.  The last task was about identifying decisions involving income, spending, saving, credit, and charitable giving – this is a hint at what our inquiry topic is next term. I learnt that you always have to be hydrated.

Dancing Raisins

Today in inquiry I did observe and describe the behavior of and raisins and carbonated beverage. I learned about what carbonated is carbonated is a liquid that is fizzy or bubbly. And I learned about beverage is a liquid you can drink and Destiny means is bouncing and float means a reaction.

At first the reason sings because it’s Density is greater than the carbonation liquid then the carbon dioxide Bubble stick to all of the little creases of the raisin and increase the raisins volume. Eventually enough bubbles connect to the raisin and to pull them up to the top of the liquid. As the raisins hit the surface the air bubbles pop and gravity pulls them back down. This process repeats itself to make the raisins look like they are dancing. And here is my work.


Labeling Positions on a Grid

This week for my math I was doing Labeling Positions on a Grid.

First I had to go on the mat and  listen for instructions.  Then I had to go on the NK Practice.

Then I had to go on to the Labeling Positions on a Grid and I had to go on the DLO and I had to answer (A3) (B5) (C2) (D4) (E1) (F6) (G3) (H2) (I5) (J4) (K1) (L6)(M12) (N3) (A10) (C3) for the directions.

Next I had to go on the emoji directions I had to do a emoji directions and I had to make a emoji and I had to connect it. Here is my work.

The hungry Wave

This week I read a book about the hungry wave,The hungry is a story about samoa and tonga having a tsunami long long ago. First I Made a DLO and called it The Hungry Wave. Next I Copy and paste my story onto the DLO. and here is my work.

emotive language

This week for writing we were doing emotive language.

First we had to get a partner and then we had to write emotive words on a peice of paper. We had done a compition to see who had more emotive words.

Next I had to go and do a DLO of what emotive language words are and what  emotive  language means.

Lastly I had to finish the rest of my work.

I enjoyed this task because I had fun. I did well at telling what emotive language words. I need to improve on doing more words.

Albert Einstein

Today in inquiry i leaned about scientists and chemistry i wrote about Albert Einstein. He was Born on March 14 1879. He died in 18 April 1955. Fun facts Albert Einstein was dyslexic. Another fun fact he lived until the age of 76. Albert Einstein was born in Germany. Here is my work.

Quality Blog Comment

Today in cybersmart I did a Quality Blog Comment.  A quality blog comment Positive thoughtful helpful.

I wrote a sentence about Mr Goodwin’s Sylvia Park. I had to write greeting positive thoughtful and helpful I said Howdy Mr Goodwin. I love your Sylvia Park post. Sylvia Park is not my favorite  place also.  It totally reminded me of the dream I had, I was buying a suit.  You should go to Warehouse the clothes it is very cheap.